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2017 International Cat Care Calendar

I’m breaking ranks (that’s what you can do with your own posts ;-)…in lieu of book reviews, I’m branching out to gift recommmendations. My goal is always to think about children and the environment above all else. So today, as I’m already fed up with all the commercialism of Christmas, I would love to do my part in supporting some great ideas for the holidays (and beyond). To kick things off, I start with International Cat Care. Not only is this organization promoting the well-being of cats, and the happiness of cat owners, all around the globe, they have made a gorgeous calendar for 2017: it’s a superb gift for any of your cat-loving friends…the theme is cat naps! I am in love with Ms November and Mr August: two centerfolds that could grace my walls beyond 2017 and would still make me smile. There’s something so endearing about my cats while they snooze and, now that I see another 12 of them, I see it isn’t just mine that make me smile as they sleep. See all the products at their online shop. Be prepared for some huge uncontrollable grins to break up the holiday stress!

International Cat Care 2017 Calendar

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Anne Zoet2017 International Cat Care Calendar

Leo the Three-Toed Sloth Loses His Way

Leo the Threed-Toed Sloth Loses His Way book is a very sweet tale! To quote from an encounter in the book, it is about “love, understanding, protection and compassion” it is about loss and love and family and friendship. The sloth (and jaguar and firefly) facts at the end are beautifully done. As are the ideas to learn more and to help raise awareness. It is a bit clumsy in the artwork (add in a jaguar to the previous scene by just repeating it with a jaguar included), but still very eye-catching. This is definitely a book to feel good about from cover to cover.

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Anne ZoetLeo the Three-Toed Sloth Loses His Way

Hero Cat

I kick off my reviews with a very moving true story about a cat who saved her litter from fire, the book Hero Cat. A tale of bravery and the wonders of felines. Cats are simply remarkable and nothing better than a real-life story to show that. This would be an excellent story for children of first responders as it shows the heroism of helping those in danger. I had to Google this event for myself to learn all I could. I was deeply moved by all I learned. This story will stick with me forever, no doubt.

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Anne ZoetHero Cat