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Sloth’s Shoes

The story of Sloth’s Shoes is sweet and fun and kids will love the parade of animals doting on Sloth on his birthday. But the words get a bit bogged-down. An editor (or further passes by the author) should’ve flagged “‘Peanuts!’ proffered the Pangolin.” as a bit challenging for parents to stop and explain to their little ones. The illustrations are fun but it is likely a one-time read. It doesn’t feel like one that you (or your kids) will grab time and time again.

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Anne ZoetSloth’s Shoes

Leo the Three-Toed Sloth Loses His Way

Leo the Threed-Toed Sloth Loses His Way book is a very sweet tale! To quote from an encounter in the book, it is about “love, understanding, protection and compassion” it is about loss and love and family and friendship. The sloth (and jaguar and firefly) facts at the end are beautifully done. As are the ideas to learn more and to help raise awareness. It is a bit clumsy in the artwork (add in a jaguar to the previous scene by just repeating it with a jaguar included), but still very eye-catching. This is definitely a book to feel good about from cover to cover.

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Anne ZoetLeo the Three-Toed Sloth Loses His Way