What Purrball and Burrball are Reading

Purrball and Burrball are emblematic of the animal life that is so worthy of our love and care. In beautiful ways, children’s authors portray both domestic and wild animals, they write about appreciation of the environment, travel, and much more. There are so many books to give homage to! Here you’ll find paw ratings from Purrball and toe ratings from Burrball on many great reads for you and your children.

  • Sparky!
    Jenny Offill and Chris Appelhans

    All the toes and paws for “Sparky!” are for the illustrations, which are lovely. The plot and characters were unappealing, except for the sloth (whom I wanted to tear off the page and set free). The mother in the book tells her daughter, “You can have any pet you want as long as it doesn’t need to be walked or bathed or fed,” which pretty much set the tone. First, I’d rather parents break news properly (“you can’t have a pet”) and, second, sloths should never be pets—that the daughter chooses one, rubs me the wrong way. I wish the author had rewritten the story, using the great illustrations, in some more palatable way.

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  • Mabel and the Sock Pirates
    Elwyn Tate

    Mabel and the Sock Pirates
    This is one of my all-time favorite hero cat books! What an amazing combination of great words, fun story, and wonderful illustrations. A very clever cat does some amazing thinking to save the day. The farm where Mabel the cat lives has some unusual trees that are under attack by pirates. Mabel defends her territory! This is a must-have for any cat loving parent of a small child: a great addition to the library.

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  • 2017 International Cat Care Calendar

    I’m breaking ranks (that’s what you can do with your own posts ;-)…in lieu of book reviews, I’m branching out to gift recommmendations. My goal is always to think about children and the environment above all else. So today, as I’m already fed up with all the commercialism of Christmas, I would love to do my part in supporting some great ideas for the holidays (and beyond). To kick things off, I start with International Cat Care. Not only is this organization promoting the well-being of cats, and the happiness of cat owners, all around the globe, they have made a gorgeous calendar for 2017: it’s a superb gift for any of your cat-loving friends…the theme is cat naps! I am in love with Ms November and Mr August: two centerfolds that could grace my walls beyond 2017 and would still make me smile. There’s something so endearing about my cats while they snooze and, now that I see another 12 of them, I see it isn’t just mine that make me smile as they sleep. See all the products at their online shop. Be prepared for some huge uncontrollable grins to break up the holiday stress!

    International Cat Care 2017 Calendar

    Available at iCatCare.org
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