What Purrball and Burrball are Reading

Purrball and Burrball are emblematic of the animal life that is so worthy of our love and care. In beautiful ways, children’s authors portray both domestic and wild animals, they write about appreciation of the environment, travel, and much more. There are so many books to give homage to! Here you’ll find paw ratings from Purrball and toe ratings from Burrball on many great reads for you and your children.

  • If You Lived Here: Houses of the World
    Giles Laroche

    If You Lived Here: Houses of the World
    This book is such an interesting mix of amazing illustrations and great facts. The text could be just a bit more colorful to match the illustrations, but very interesting for enquiring minds. Definitely a very fun and wordly view for kids.

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  • Maps
    Aleksandra Mizielinska and Daniel Mizielinski

    This is truly a beautiful book to begin to inspire kids to explore the world. The illustrations are gorgeous and printed on a heavy, quality creamy-colored paper. The details on each map are overwhelming (country’s flag, capital, language, population, animal species, points of interest, foods, and cultural information). Having traveled to many of these places, I can’t say that you get the true flavor of the life in these places but what you get is a very broad breadth of information that is the basis for learning more. Don’t expect every single country to be covered (that’d be quite a feat) but truly a fun sampling.

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  • Around the World with Mouk
    Marc Boutavant

    Around the World with Mouk
    I’m starting the new year off with a switch from cats and sloths…to travel! Mouk, a little bear, decides to pack his backpack and visit various parts of the world. There’s so much to learn many great animals to discover on each beautifully colorful page. There are also reusable stickers for some great interactivity. My niece is already onto chapter books but she poured over every word of this book (and adored playing with the stickers, what kid doesn’t love that?!)

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