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Here Comes the Easter Cat

My niece brought Easter Cat to our Easter celebration this year and I think her reading it was as priceless as the book. A cat who is jealous of the Easter bunny’s attention gets some ideas in his head of how to compete for the spotlight. Cats can definitely put up an air of it’s my way or the highway and while I think a dog in this role might’ve been even more fitting, I love this cat and all his antics. I wish my cats would communicate with those signs on sticks. I think they’d get their way even more often than they do. A very fun read (have a little one read it to you for even more laughs!).

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Anne ZoetHere Comes the Easter Cat


I absolutely love the cover of Snoozefest: sloth in a hammock with strings of lights hanging all around. The title fonts are reminiscent of Broadway lights. It is one of those eye-catching, off-the-wall covers that just sucks you in. The book itself is a bit less exciting, but it still original and enjoyable: that hammock and those strings of lights and PJ’s all poke fun at summer concert festival rituals. Pretty cute book.

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Anne ZoetSnoozefest

Pepper and Poe

If you’ve ever dared to introduce a new cat to the sole family cat, you’ll enjoy Pepper and Poe. My older cat, Nino, has gone through it twice and once very sweetly…but once had a similar first reaction to Pepper’s, “I don’t like it.” Over time the two cats start to play and collude and act like pal kitties. The illustrations and text are beautiful. However, Frann Preston-Gannon is one author who never thinks about the ebook experience–the Kindle version is impossible to zoom into or see all the beautiful details. It is actually quite a bad experience, but I can’t let that take away from the print version, which is what the author had had in mind in its conception!

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Anne ZoetPepper and Poe

Score One for the Sloths

Go Sloths! I’m rooting for them. Score One for the Sloths is a fun read with a great female lead. Really sheds a good light on brainpower (and gir-lpower). It doesn’t give sloths much credit (again, any book that paints them as slow and slow only is so far from the full picture), so it is hard to see it as a score for them. But, in fact, the brainiac go-getter gal sloth makes a great heroine and I give it generally high marks (one toe missing from Burrball is all).

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Anne ZoetScore One for the Sloths