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Mr. Tiger Goes Wild

Let your inner wild-side out: Mr. Tiger Goes Wild is a fantastic commentary on customs and norms and fitting in. You are both biting your lip wondering how far things can go with Mr. Tiger and you’re rooting for him as well. It is absolutely beautifully paced and beautifully illustrated. The colors and composition of each page are worthy of hanging on your wall. It is superbly done!

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Anne ZoetMr. Tiger Goes Wild

Leo the Three-Toed Sloth Loses His Way

Leo the Threed-Toed Sloth Loses His Way book is a very sweet tale! To quote from an encounter in the book, it is about “love, understanding, protection and compassion” it is about loss and love and family and friendship. The sloth (and jaguar and firefly) facts at the end are beautifully done. As are the ideas to learn more and to help raise awareness. It is a bit clumsy in the artwork (add in a jaguar to the previous scene by just repeating it with a jaguar included), but still very eye-catching. This is definitely a book to feel good about from cover to cover.

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Anne ZoetLeo the Three-Toed Sloth Loses His Way

Blucy the Blue Cat

The Purrball in me says “power to you!” to the strong-willed Blucy the Blue Cat. (Purrball would like her color choice, too, lol!) On the list of negatives, the typeface has a large outer glow to it that detracts from the beautiful illustrations. The rhymes are long-winded. The biggest drawback to the book comes along with one of the pluses: I love that the author ends with some fun facts for kids, but anyone drawing attention to the heaviest cat on record should really take pause: no cat would do that in nature and it is not ok for us to marvel at that fact. If you could take away these negatives, the book has much to be said for it!

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Anne ZoetBlucy the Blue Cat

“Slowly, Slowly, Slowly,” said the Sloth

“Slowly, Slowly, Slowly,” said the Sloth is beautifully collaged with a beautiful message that sloths can give us (if we look at them as being the figurative take-it-easy types)…why are we always in a rush rush rush?! Great messaging for children and as you’re taking time out of your busy day to sit and read with your child, you’ll feel your shoulders lowering and tensions disappearing. Jane Goodall wrote the forward and her seal of approval is very valuable to animal-life lovers.

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Anne Zoet“Slowly, Slowly, Slowly,” said the Sloth