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Mr. Wuffles!

Maybe it is because my Lella looks like Wuffles. When she watches flies and moths like they’re little aliens, I can picture Mr. Wuffles and his world. Mr Wuffles! is one of the most charming stories you will never read! I say that because it is 99% devoid of words. It is beautifully illustrated and the storyline comes from you as you read to your little ones. Each time I’ve pulled this out and have had to wing it (plot, sound effects, you name it), it has been a hit. You’ll make yourself laugh out loud all the while reading it.

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Anne ZoetMr. Wuffles!

Sloth Slept On

Three engenious little children discover this sloth asleep in their garden. They have no idea what it is and they start throwing out possibilities to one another (this process is so endearing—these are kids with imagination). When they finally conclude it is a sloth and where it must’ve come from, they plot how to get the sleeping critter back home. This is a richly illustrated and finished book. Very nice addition to the bookshelf of beautiful books.

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Anne ZoetSloth Slept On

Hero Cat

I kick off my reviews with a very moving true story about a cat who saved her litter from fire, the book Hero Cat. A tale of bravery and the wonders of felines. Cats are simply remarkable and nothing better than a real-life story to show that. This would be an excellent story for children of first responders as it shows the heroism of helping those in danger. I had to Google this event for myself to learn all I could. I was deeply moved by all I learned. This story will stick with me forever, no doubt.

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Anne ZoetHero Cat